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I started casting around for a more fulfilling path in life after the deaths of two hardworking colleagues near my age. When I was honest with myself, my dream had always been to farm some kind of animals. I wanted animals I could enjoy, a business that would support me and my rather young family when I retired, and something that did not involve slaughter. A friend who raised goats suggested alpacas and I started my research - visiting farms and asking questions. Three months later I had bought three females and a gelded guardian. Eight months later they all moved to my seven acres of an old dairy farm, straight up a hill covered with orchards and walnut groves. My alpacas are “serenity on four legs” and can make any day better. My goal is to promote the alpaca fiber industry. To that end, I have spent much time selecting high-quality animals and high-quality breedings. Nether Walnut Hill is also a member of NFP cooperative, a group dedicated to producing quality items from all grades of fiber to more effectively promote our industry and expand our industry. My fiber product is a well-thought-out adventure as I look into new avenues and expand my knowledge.
In 2014 I purchased Colorado Philly from Spirit Wind Farm and Fiber Studio. Philly has been rebred to Concerto in hopes of another knockout like Spirit Wind's Maestro, now owned by Cas-Cad-Nac Farm. In addition I purchased her daughter, a female sired by a half-brother of Xanadu P Concerto, and Melodie another daughter of Concerto. The future looks bright, soft, and fine...
Feel free to contact me with any creative offers for my sale animals. There is always room to negotiate!

50% down and 50% over 1 year paid quarterly